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Lovers of Wade, Unite!

A Wade Redden Community

Lovers of Wade Redden
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This community is devoted to all things Wade Redden and all lovers of Wade. Feel free to post such things as Wade pics, Wade news, Wade love etc. News about other cute players is okay but remember, this is mostly about Wade and our love for him.

A few simple rules:

1) Large pics behind a cut, please. It's annoying, yes, but courteous to other people and their friends pages. This also goes for large (i.e. more than a few paragraphs) articles.

2) Please contact one of the mods (senatorsfan and kitiaras_angel) before advertising other communities. Yes, new communities have to get the word out, but it's bothersome when 99% of entries in a community are promotions. Thanks.

3) General politeness and courtesy rules apply -- treat others as you wish to be treated!

4) Most of all, HAVE FUN!! 'Cause it's what Wade would want. ;)

Questions? Comments? Problems? Contact senatorsfan by commenting in her journal, sending an email to sensfangirl6@hotmail.com, or instant-messaging on AIM at sensfangirl6. Your mods are here to help; please don't hesitate.